New River Zen Community (NRZC) is a group of people who support each other in Zen practice. We come together weekly for evening zazen. In addition to sitting and walking meditation, a brief talk is given by a teacher and individual meetings are available.

The emphasis at New River Zen Community is strong zazen and the integration of Zen in daily life. Strong zazen involves both discipline and beauty. The discipline of zazen is a wakeful posture and sitting still.

The beauty of zazen is a mind that is open, attentive, fresh, vital, and sensitive. The bodymind is awake and alert in the present moment without preoccupation with thoughts, concepts, or images.

Integration of Zen in daily life is living fully with appreciation, freedom, and compassionate action.

chas on rock        
Roshis Charles and Ellen Birx are co-founders of New River Zen Community. They received Dharma transmission in 1998 and inka in 2014 from Roshi Robert Jinsen Kennedy in the White Plum lineage.