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Selfless Love

Selfless Love shows how meditation can help us realize that we don’t love—we are love.

Drawing equally from Zen parables, her experience as a mental health therapist, and the Gospels, Ellen Birx shows us that through meditation we can recognize that our true selves are not selves at all—that all beings are united in unbounded, infinite awareness and love, beyond words. Read on.

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Waking Up Together

Waking Up Together is written for those who want to journey to new depths of intimacy, both spiritually and in their love relationship.

The book shows how a committed, long-term relationship can enhance spiritual development and how relationships can be transformed by spiritual practice.

Written by two Zen teachers married for thirty-seven years, it shows that relationships and all that arise from them can be a help – not a hindrance! – as we seek greater freedom and joy. It is possible to wake up together! Read on.

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Healing Zen

Here is an elegant and practical book on Zen and the art of caring for oneself and others.

In Healing Zen, nursing professor and Zen teacher Ellen Birx takes us on a deeply humane journey through the natural process of healing and transformation.

Drawing on her years of experience, Birx explores how the insights of Zen and the practice of awareness and mediation can help restore energy, build endurance, and suffuse our lives with compassion and joy. Read on.

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