Healing Zen

Healing_Zen Here is an elegant and practical book on Zen and the art of caring for oneself and others. Every day new research attests
to the link between spirituality and health.

In Healing Zen, nursing professor and Zen teacher Ellen Birx takes us on a deeply humane journey through the natural process of healing and transformation.

Drawing on her years of experience, Birx explores how the insights of Zen and the practice of awareness and mediation can help restore energy, build endurance, and suffuse our lives with compassion and joy.

She shares many profound and inspiring stories of her patients, students, family, and friends as well as teachings from the Zen tradition to illustrate how wholeness is found in the midst of illness and disease.

Wise and down to earth, Healing Zen shows how daily activities like eating, touching, and bathing are vital aspects of the art of healing, how pain and death are part of life, and how those who are healthy can learn from those who suffer.

Birx demonstrates how listening keeps us present in the moment; how perseverance ensures progress and helps us cope with grief, recurrence, and other challenges; and how accepting our ordinariness releases us from the pressure to excel and helps us reconnect with the flow of daily life.

This beautiful book, complete with an introduction to meditation and a resource list, makes a heartfelt gift for health professionals, caregivers, patients, or anyone struggling with the demands of life.

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